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St Peters Fences Playground

Completed: 2020 
Client: Transurban & WestConnex Public Art Program

St Peters Fences Playground is an assemblage of climbable brick fences. Each fence is built brick-for-brick from archive images to recreate the front fences of homes in St Peters demolished for infrastructure expansion projects in the last 30 years.

Each individual element of the 750 square metre playground is hand-crafted from materials including re-used brick, heritage sandstone and Victorian terrace fencing, most of which has been salvaged from homes recently demolished along Campbell St.

The new playground is designed for accessible, inclusive and imaginative play, with tailored spaces for low play and wheelchair access, gradually increasing in height for advanced play. St Peters Fences Playground transforms Simpson Park into a new type of museum playscape that explores community history and memory in ways that are fun, engaging and interactive for children and adults alike.

The playground has been co-created with community, including a series of engagement workshops with St Peters Public School students who contributed ideas that were incorporated into the final design.