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Completed: 2013

Re-Emergence is a public artwork at Monaco Apartments on Foreshore Drive at Rhodes within the City of Canada Bay. Cultural Capital Director and award-winning sculptor Mark McClelland worked as lead artist on the project, supported by co-designer Trent Baker and the Cultural Capital team.

The artwork has three components; a large architectural overhead entrance canopy, an exterior copper piece and an internal copper piece. Taken together, the three components reference the re-emergent mangrove ecosystem around the Rhodes peninsular. The canopies of the mangroves form distinctive patterns of light and shade, and create a sense of shelter; attributes which the overhead canopy above the entranceway appropriates. The forms of the mangrove trees and the spread of their root structures are suggested in the copper relief works both outside and inside the glass entrance.

Re-Emergence plays a dual role, serving as both an artwork and an architectural entrance canopy. This enabled the cost of the artwork to be subsidised by the build budget for the building’s entry, while achieving a higher quality outcome. This type of integration becomes possible when the artist is involved at an early stage in the design and building process.

Our rigorous design, build and installation process provides our clients with the utmost confidence in our ability to deliver the artwork on time and budget while following building and safety codes.

Westbourne Constructions collaborated with Cultural Capital and Canada Bay Council to provide this integrated public art work. The whole process went very smoothly and was delivered on budget and program. We are thrilled with the final result which has become a landmark in the area. – Derek Pearson, Director, Westbourne Constructions

Photography: John Domeney