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Art Projects

Wynscreen, Sydney

Completed: 2017
Client: Transport for New South Wales

In 2016, Cultural Capital was contracted as the Urban Design Enhancement Consultant by Transport for NSW for major new connective infrastructure works taking place at Wynyard Station.

The result of our work on this project is a dramatic addition to art in Sydney’s public domain, and the city’s most dynamic site for digital and moving image art.

Wynscreen is a 23 metre long LED screen showcasing works by internationally renowned and emerging Australian artists, seen by thirty thousand commuters a day. Cultural Capital curated, commissioned and programmed the entire collection of eighteen works in partnership with our guest moving-image curator Alessio Cavallaro.

Cultural Capital typically commences significant and innovative art projects of this nature with a feasibility study that researches the opportunities, analyses the site and considers its public usage. Implementing the project requires us to develop the art strategy, curate the program, commission the artists, provide technical direction, oversee delivery of the artworks, and manage the project and its stakeholders.

We have successfully shown a program eighteen artists on screen. Commissioned artists have included Robyn Backen, Pia Borg, Gary Deirmendjian, Karla Dickens, Pilar Mata Dupont, doeanddoe with Michele Morcos, Nicole Foreshew,  Ross Gibson, Sue Healey, Sarah Kenderdine, Nancy Liang and Baron Chau, Lycette Bros., Ishmael Marika, Jon McCormack, James Price, Jeffrey Shaw, Craig Walsh, and Yarrenyty Arltere Artists and Leonardo Ortega.



Commissioned by Transport for NSW and designed by Woods Bagot, Wynyard Walk is a pedestrian link connecting Wynyard Station with Barangaroo. The walk integrates with the digital art centrepiece, Wynscreen.

Wynyard Walk has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including:

Sydney Design Awards, 2017 – Urban Design, winner

Australian Urban Design Awards 2017 – Delivered Outcome, Small Scale, nomination

NSW Architecture Awards 2017 – Public Architecture, commendation

Interior Design Excellence Awards 2017 – Designer of the year, nomination

Property Council Innovation & Excellence Awards 2018 – Best Public Building, nomination

If you would like more information about Wynscreen and how to apply, please contact Transport for NSW on