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Wynscreen, Sydney WorldPride 2023

Completed: 2023

In partnership with the ReVITALise 2023 Creative Program by Transport for NSW, artists Andrew Christie and Alexandra Jonscher were commissioned by Transport for NSW to translate their artwork Slipstream into a moving image work to be shown on Wynscreen for the duration of Sydney WorldPride 2023, from February 17th  – March 5th 2023.

SlipStream explores the artist’s shared experiences of bisexuality through a celebration of the multifaceted nature of queer experience. The artwork depicts a whimsical, sugary, fluid landscape populated by a series of unique, abstract characters that signify different types of queer expression from hiding and masking, to being out, loud and proud. They are playful abstract interpretations of queer bodies that represent the different feelings that arise from the queer experience.

The artists were commissioned to create a temporary art installation for the Ashfield Pedestrian Tunnel near Ashfield Station in Sydney’s Inner West. They translated their hoarding artwork and Augmented Reality animations into a fully animated moving image artwork for Wynscreen’s 18m long LED screen.

Cultural Capital managed the delivery and production of the work in partnership with Transport for NSW, resulting in a bold contribution to the Sydney WorldPride 2023 creative program.

Photography: Document Photography