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The M8 Public Art Strategy

Completed: 2018 – 2019 
Client: WestConnex

In 2018, Cultural Capital authored the public art strategy for the M8 parklands (originally the new M5 parklands). The M8 creates 6 hectares of new open space in St Peters as well as enabling the renewal of existing open space. Altogether, this creates many opportunities for place-based artistic responses.

A place-based curatorial approach encourages artists to merge the interest of their own practice with themes that emerge from the environments affected by the M8.

Ecology, heritage, community, indigeneity, transformation and movement all become lenses through which artists can create works in direct response to landscape and the forces that act upon it. Art, and artist designed elements of the parks, will become uniting threads through the parklands. Intended to integrate with the park’s functions, artistic expression will help visitors interpret and understand the parklands landscapes as well as navigate their way through them.