Hannah Molyneux

Project Manager

Hannah is a creative project manager, administrator, communicator and writer.

She is inspired by ideas, and loves to work with artists to plan, conceptualise and realise their vision for the benefit of community at large. She is driven to build a legacy of transporting and engaging public art in her home city of Sydney. She is passionate about inviting and encouraging people from beyond the confines of traditional art world to build their own positive relationship with art. Art is for everyone.

Hannah’s career to date has involved writing, event development, business development, curatorial project management and creative business administration.

Recent major career milestones include the curation and delivery of a landmark large -scale digital video project at 80 Collins, Melbourne (Scale in Nature) and the curation and delivery of an engaging and inspiring art collection to accompany the recent redevelopment of the Deloitte Melbourne headquarters (Surprise and Delight).