Voices Within

Completed: 2019Client: Bridgehill, UNO ApartmentsArtist: Robyn BackenPhotography: Ian Hobbs

An alternative, liminal habitat awaits us in the nocturnal city. 

Nick Dunn 

Cultural Capital brought Robyn Backen’s Voices Within to life. Curated, developed and managed for Bridgehill, the seven metre high, seventeen metre long beckoning light marks Voices Within as a distinctive new cultural landmark for Green Square. Supporting the energy of major regeneration at a civic scale, Voices Within carves out a space for the individual – a moment of encounter that creates an extraordinary experience of place. 

Illuminating Green Square’s UNO Apartment building, Backen’s LED scrolling message includes found and original text, filmic references, i Ching and hexagram; and at points, collapses into abstraction. Activating 1335 LEDs, the moving images and text play on a dynamic low-res “screen” integrated with the building façade that literally re-writes the city at night.

Backen describes the messages as “a silent whisper passing through time”, continuing her ongoing exploration into resonant structures and the acoustics of ancient whispering architecture.