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...and then...

Completed: 2021
Client: LOFTEX

Cultural Capital was commissioned by LOFTEX to produce a public artwork for the exterior of a new commercial office building at 29 Bourke Road, Alexandria.

The artwork was designed by Cultural Capital’s Mark McClelland and Cathy Drew.

The artwork titled ‘…and then…’ describes the changing energy levels associated with the human uses of this area as we imagine and interpret them. The title: ‘…and then..’ suggests a process of constant change in the land use; there was this particular set of conditions…and then…

The sculpture was developed in consultation with the landscape architects to integrate with the landscape and planting design. It is located at the front of the building, to the Bourke Road frontage, for maximum public visibility and interaction.

The work was fabricated in collaboration with Urban Art Projects (UAP) from 16mm low carbon steel using industrial forming processes and machinery. Both the materiality and the manufacturing process suggest the site’s former industrial uses.