Now showing on Wynscreen!


2016, duration 10 mins, looped

Commissioned by Transport for New South Wales

Screening times:

6am-3pm on even-numbered days throughout December 2017

3pm-12am on odd-numbered days throughout December 2017


Lycette Bros

Mark Lycette, born 1969
John Lycette, born 1971, Cambridge, New Zealand
Live in Melbourne, Australia


Artist Statement

The image plane of the screen appears illuminated from some distance behind. The silhouette of a tiered section of track curves from left to right. The screen comes to life as the distinct forms of mechanised vehicles traverse its length like skeletal shadow puppets. The scene suggests a dimensional world beyond, providing a temporary glimpse into a parallel existence.

The work provides a lighthearted and lyrical exploration of rail transport and the commuter experience. As the title suggests, Locomotion consists of machines in motion; the different ways in which they move, act and interact. The work combines references of railway systems of the past with fantastical machines and mechanisms of the imagination. The people journeying through Wynyard Walk  inspire styles of movement and interaction; we can recognize personality, individuality and idiosyncrasy. Some of the subjects are strong and move with confidence while others are nervous and hesitant. We see struggle, frustration, determination and joy. We see indifference and dislocation but we also see diversity, community and harmony.

Locomotion provides a reflection of the modern commuter, society and beyond, how humans reflect the technological world and vice versa, our destinies intersecting and intertwined.


Artist Biography

Mark and John Lycette formed Lycette Bros. in 1997. Together they create a broad range of digital media spanning art and design. Throughout their career the Lycette brothers have produced animations, installations, interactive products and games that are widely regarded, exhibited and awarded around the world.

Their work is created to suit each project’s context, client and audience – the common thread being an attention to detail and craft. Lycette Bros. have been commissioned by organisations such as SBS Digital, Experimenta, The Australia Council for the Arts, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, The Victorian Multicultural Commission, Melbourne International Film Festival, and Film Victoria.

Awards include MILIA Multimedia Festival, Cannes; ATOM award; Communication Arts Award (USA); ’Best Use of Multimedia’ and ‘Best Direction’, FIFI International Internet Film Festival (France); and ‘Best Internet Animation’, I’Castelli Animati Festival (Italy).

Mark and John each hold a Masters Degree in Design, and maintain a connection with education through lecturing in Animation and Interactive Media at RMIT University in Melbourne.

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