Artmap recently travelled to Brisbane to see one of our projects in situ. Emblem by artist Geoffrey Ricardo is a 6.5m tall copper kangaroo that has quickly become an integral part of the Brisbane City Council’s growing public art collection. We worked alongside Geoffrey to develop and install the work and it was great to see the kangaroo proudly striding down Roma Street. According to the Council the work is intended to be ‘playful, comic and iconic’ and is one of three new works commissioned this year by Brisbane City Council. These include Spinning Top by Jarrad Kennedy and Reverie I by Charles Robb.

The artist’s statement reads ‘Emblem is a humorous and playful re-imagining of the kangaroo from the Australian Coat of Arms. It is inspired by the peculiar notion of using an animal totem to represent the virtues of a group or culture which is ambivalent towards it. The intent is to add a layer of playfulness to this icon. Is it a Kangaroo? A person in a costume? A clown? Emblem performs in something of a grand drama, a theatre that we can perhaps identify with, an emblem of what we may think we are. She’s a proud figure striding forward with great intent, travelling in a direction to somewhere.’