The WestConnex Public Art Program ‘Canal to Creek’

Completed: 2020Client: WestConnexArtist: Gill GATFIELD, Greg JOHNS, Stephen KING, Andrew ROGERS, YIORYIOS, Gordon YOUNG, Mike HEWSON, Emily CROCKFORD, Deborah HALPERN, Hanna HOYNE, Christina HUYNH, Adam KING, Warren LANGLEY, Tom MISURA, Nicole MONKS, Matthew PEET (Mistery), Dan TEMPLEMAN, Jason WING

Launching in 2020, Canal to Creek is a program of 18 artworks commissioned by WestConnex, curated by Cultural Capital. The program will help to activate new and existing parklands between St Peters and Beverly Hills with the installation of contemporary sculptures, artist-designed playgrounds, a writer’s walk, large-scale murals and immersive light work. Each work is its own site-specific exploration of the relationship between people and place.

Cultural Capital authored the M8 Public Art Strategy laying the foundations for Canal to Creek. Managing multiple stakeholders, Cultural Capital worked closely with WestConnex to deliver and install the program.

This collection of artworks is connected by water. Sheas Creek, now Alexandra Canal, defines the eastern end of the program and Wolli Creek the western end. Both are part of the same water system that is linked by the Cooks River and Botany Bay. The role of the natural environment on our experience of place is a recurring theme for Canal to Creek artists. In some way, all of the eighteen artists pick up on a cultural thread that supports local identity and belonging. 

Together, the eighteen works in the collection lead a transformation of the parklands into a cultural landscape. Canal to Creek will also be part of the regeneration and revitalization of existing parklands along the M8 Linear Park between Bexley Road and King Georges Road. 

Vibrant, liveable places need art: it is the lifeblood of community that nourishes and empowers citizenry. Delivered as a community legacy project under The M8 WestConnex, Canal to Creek contributes a significant and ongoing cultural benefit to the local residents of St Peters, Bexley, Kingsgrove and Beverly Hills. 


Artists by Site

St Peters Interchange (SPI) / Simpson Park

Gill GATFIELD (NZ), Greg JOHNS, Stephen KING, Andrew ROGERS, 


Linear Park 

Emily CROCKFORD (Studio A), Deborah HALPERN, Hanna HOYNE, 

Christina HUYNH, Adam KING, Warren LANGLEY, 

Tom MISURA, Nicole MONKS, Matthew PEET (Mistery), 



Images: Dan Templeman ‘Eight Rings’, Hanna Hoyne ‘Soul Mine’, Warren Langley ‘Wolli’